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No-argument procedures crash interpreter

Selecting a procedure with no arguments from the reference menu causes the interpreter to freeze.

Status: Fixed, Not Checked In

Inserting (context-{get,set}-{bg,fg}color)

When (context-{get,set}-{bg,fg}color) is inserted from the reference menu through GIMPContext->context-get-{bg,fg}color, all text in the newly inserted procedure, plus an additional space character following the procedure, is selected (highlighted). From a design standpoint, nothing should be highlighted, or at least this is what currently happens with other parameterless functions. One key file involved is /glimmer/devel/DrFu/src/libs/mscm/mscm-procs.c. The reason this happens is that the tooltip for (context-get-{fg,bg}color) has a leading space, whereas (context-get-brush) and others don't. This makes the condition
((SELECTION_TYPE == SELECT_ARGS) && (tooltip[0] != '('))

in mscm_ref_insert_function_template fail. Does this leading space signify something? Is that why the conditional is written as it is, or is it looking out for something else? If the latter, should tooltips just be stripped of leading whitespace?

Status: Not fixed


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