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-- SarahHenney - 2012-06-07

What we did:

-final_version was successfully installed! A rough outline of the hangups and extra steps I had to perform to fix them can be found in InstallingSDCFinalVersion

-Marsha's compiled a list of gimp procs that we should/might want to have disclosed. Going through those, writing MediaScript wrappers (ie a MediaScript library for them) and figuring out how disclosure works in the source code are our next steps (not necessarily in this order).

potential To Do June 8:

***-figure out how to install final_version of sdc gimp from last summer COMPLETE

*-look into dealing with layers (see GIMPToolProcs)

-check out how gradients are disclosed (incorrect/incomplete)

-figure out what is being currently disclosed and test in MediaScheme

*-list gimp procs that we might want to disclose IN PROGRESS

-(possible idea) pick a disclosure procedure (in disclosehandlers.c) and find where calls to it are made elsewhere in the source. This may help us figure out how the disclosure calls are woven into the rest of the gimp source.


what is a g_signal?
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