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-- SarahHenney - 2012-06-07
Tools from the previous summer team's checklist:

Foreground/background color swap:          (gimp-context-swap-colors)
Color Picker Tool:               (context-set-fgcolor! (image-get-pixel x y))  
                     proc browser: gimp-image-pick-color
Bucket Fill (NOT JUST fill selection):         gimp-edit-bucket fill <-has a ton of parameters, in proc browser

Other Tools:
Fuzzy Select (select a contiguous area of color):   gimp-fuzzy-select and gimp-fuzzy-select-full
Pencil                     gimp-pencil
Eraser                     gimp-eraser or gimp-eraser-default (less parameters)
Clone tool                 gimp-clone or gimp-clone-default (less parameters, but less reproducible)
Dodge and Burn             gimp-dodgeburn or gimp-dodgeburn-default

Gradients                  Very complicated, may not be able to disclose

We should note that the procedures from the GIMP's Procedure Browser like to take drawables as their parameters, while MediaScript likes to take images. Drawables seem to refer to layers, which leads to such "fun" problems as using layer 12 as a parameter for, say, gimp-fuzzy-select and image 2 as a parameter for image-get-pixel. I imagine that this would be extremely confusing for beginning programmers, so it would be best to find a way to convert the Procedure Value procedures into MediaScript procedures. By doing this, we could also make some of the paramters more intuitive; for instance, gimp-fuzzy-select currently takes an integer to determine if the selection is replacing, adding to, or taking away from any other selections. If we "convert" the procedure, then we could make the parameters parallel to the parameters in the other image-select procedures.
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