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(joint-remove! oscjoint)


Stops storing information and recognizing gestures for the joint associated with the given osc string.


oscjoint an osc string


NULL (called for side effects)


Oscjoint is the osc string sent by osceleton for a particular joint. For example, the osc string for the left hand is "l_hand." A full list of oscjoints can be obtaind on osceleton's github page. The default joints are "l_hand" and "r_hand." Because of limitations on deleting items from lists in Scheme, "r_hand" cannot be removed with a call to joint-remove! and must always remain enabled.


After the call to joint-remove!, coordinate data for the joint will no longer be stored and gestures will no longer be recognized. In order to re-enable gesture-tracking for the oscjoint, a call to joint-add! with oscjoint as the argument must be made. Until the joint is re-added, calling enabled? with the oscjoint as the parameter will return false.

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