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Background Info - The MIT article. Provides a strong argument for WHY projects like inkscript are useful for artists, and gives ideas for how to make the project accessible and versatile for beginning programmers. - paper from the 2007 glimmer/inkscape project team.

SVG Tutorials/Info

All of our sources for learning about SVG. For learning about vector graphics, the first two links are helpful. For learning to draw images with SVG, the tutorials and examples on w3schools are a good place to start. The other links are for more in-depth reference for the SVG standard (note that by the time you start 1.1 might be an outdated standard.) -introduction has a simple explanation of the difference between SVG and bitmaps -Wikipedia on vector graphics - SVG tutorial - SVG examples -SVG reference -Wikipedia on the SVG Standard -Inkscape Manpage Online -Official SVG 1.1 Standard

DBus Reference - basic dbus overview - detailed dbus tutorial - an example of calling a dbus method. - an example of creating an object for a dbus service.

http:/:/ - dbus reference manual


The Book of Inkscape - a list of Inkscape verbs

Understanding SVG/Inkscape transforms - see section 7.6 for transform matrix information. - basic 'transform' information - a transform calculator

Scripting Info

GTK+ Events

GTK+ Info

Inkscape Source Code Documentation

Inkscape Scripting HOWTO

Inkscape Script Extensions

INX Extension Formatting

INX Parameters

Making an INX

Extension Subsystem
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