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Laboratory: Experiments with Drawing

This laboratory was designed for the NCSSSMST workshop on Monday and Tuesday, 10-11 June 2013.

--++ Background

Goal: Think about programming in a different way. Make images.

--++ Getting Started

Log in

Open terminal Window.

Start gimp by typing
$ /glimmer/bin/gimp

Open the MediaScript console by going to Filters->Mediascript->Console

In the top window type

--++ Doing Math

Introduce Scheme notation. Do some simple math.

--++ Making Shapes

Introduce circle (make a circle)

Introduce render (render)

Introduce render with optional parameters

Introduce square

Introduce hscale, vscale, and scale

Introduce hshift and vshift

--++ Coloring Images

Introduce drawing-recolor (using strings).

--++ Naming Things

--++ Grouping Things

group puts latter things on top.

hcompose - side by side

vcompose - on top

--++ Writing

--++ First Challenge: Smiley Faces

-- SamuelARebelsky - 2013-06-09
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