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Comments on Dina Temple-Raston: Behind the Scenes: Terrorism Cases After the Cold War

Dina Temple-Raston's convocation was quite intriguing . She mentioned how much terrorism has changed since the Cold War times. I think she even said something like, "Back then, you knew who your enemy was and who to point the missiles at." These days, it is not that easy. Connections and numbers of terrorist groups have also increased. With the technology available, anyone could be affiliated with a terrorist organization. Most of her speech contained a few cases she worked on, accompanied by the actual recording of the piece. (To me, that was different; I'm used to seeing a type of visual aid or , rarely, audience participation to go along with a speech.) Some of the cases mentioned, that I remember, were the failed bombing in Times Square and another about a boy that seemed content with his life but suddenly going to fight for a terrorist type organization.

Another lesson I learned, although off topic, is that you have to watch what you say, even if it is true. You never know what your audience may think later (and sometimes with a profession similar to Dina's, you may never know who is listening in.)


The content of Mrs. Temple-Reston’s presentation has definitely been the most captivating so far, but I would not give her the award for best presenter. The stories she told were engaging because they were relevant and ones you cannot get from just reading stories in the news. I am interested in journalism and I thought it was fascinating to hear about how close journalists can safely get to their stories. She told us about how she can sit down with alleged terrorists and blatantly ask them about their plots. She told us about sneaking across borders on motorcycles and emotionally connecting with a Minnesotan family whose son unexpectedly ran away to fight in a civil war in Somalia. On the other hand, I found Mrs. Temple-Reston’s presentation hard to follow because she didn’t present it in a very organized fashion. I felt that it was one story after another and sometimes there was no obvious connection to the stories. It would have been easier to follow had she gone in chronological order from the Cold War, but I felt that most of the stories were recent and didn’t have anything to do with terrorism closer to the end of the Cold War. Regardless, I am grateful for the information she did presented, no matter how she did it.


The presentation of Mrs. Temple-Reston was quite intriguing, even though it was not in chronological order. It seems as if she was mostly talking about terrorist and how it all interchanged with the Cold War. The cases that she show were believable and not made up as other people try to do. What I like about this presentation that other do not have is that most of the time the stories where from past experience and we got to connected to them in some sort of a way. I would like the following convo to be some what like this one, which was not boring and had us awake the whole time.


Mrs. Temple-Reston’s presentation was very interesting. The use of audio was a nice change to the visuals, and she made sure to entertain as well as inform. I was interested in the topic and how she managed to weave her opinions into her work and the subject. I can say that I found this convocation a delightful experience with a few surprises.


Ms. Temple-Raston's presentation is something I wish I had attended. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it very much, but somehow I had no idea that it was to take place. As tutorial was cancelled for the day and I didn't have a class until much later, I was still asleep through the entire presentation. While I don't remember this period of time, it (the extra sleep) was undoubtably as beneficial to my academic career as the presentation would have been, though in quite different ways. I will be sure to check the calendar every Thursday hereafter.

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