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Comments on Dijana Milosevic: The Role of the Artist in Dark Times

Convocation this week was a little bit more interesting, in that this week’s speaker talked about the power of a group of people to protest peacefully, and incite change in doing so. Ms. Milosevic was fluid in her speech and comfortable enough to make jokes throughout the lecture. The video at the end- the one of the peaceful protest on the street- was inspiring. Seeing all of those people partying, protesting in their own way, leaving the police baffled, was amazing. Although, like most of the other lectures, I couldn’t manage to stay completely awake, I found the lecture incredibly easy to follow and inspiring. This was definitely one of the better lectures. -RC

I almost forgot to do this! Anyway, I found this weeks convocation more interesting but also slightly annoying. I enjoyed hearing about the creative ways that the people found to protest. It is not very often that you hear of protests of that size that don't involve violence. To be honest, at this time I don't remember a whole lot from the "nonvo". I do remember finding it hard to hear/understand what Ms. Milosevic was saying. It also annoyed me when she was talking while the videos were going (I couldn't multitask and pay attention to both!). Maybe she should have explained the videos before showing them or take the audio off of the video so we could hear what she was saying.--AC

Ms. Milosevic definitely seemed at ease while presenting. I stayed awake throughout, although the four people next to me were napping quite happily. I liked her use of videos. She explained them quite well and her joke about her home country and cell phones was quite funny. The video about the non-violent protest reminds me of Gandhi and his policies during the time of India's independence struggle. The video just goes to show that violent means are unnecessary and anything can be achieved by peaceful protests. -- SA

Once again there was a period of about 15 minutes somewhere in the presentation in which I was unable to keep myself awake. I need to sleep/caffeinate myself more before these. Milosevic's descriptions of the nonviolent means of protest interested me the most, but I left not quite understanding how large the role of Dah Theater was. Maybe she described this while I was dreaming about Halloween candy. I do wish we had had time to finish watching that video at the end. I thought it was a shame that more people didn't attend; the specific impact of Dah notwithstanding, the message of peaceful protest and its limits was important. --MH

While a lot of the convocations this year have been about theories, ideas and academia, Ms. Milosevic woo's us with stories. Her presentation engages the audience through her storytelling and recounting of the troubles in Serbia. Perfectly balancing humor, grit, sadness and excitement, Ms. Milosevic evokes a range of emotions and reactions from the crowd (she is, after all, an actress herself). Not only does she enlighten us on the troubles of Serbia and its people, but also forces us to think about our personal responsibilities in hard times and what we can do to make them better. Her use of video's definitely made the presentation more interesting and kept people from taking a nap. Her presentation was great - she didn't have to use a microphone - and very informative. -- Sid

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