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Certified Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Systems Required readings: Gualtieri, Lisa Neal. “CPOE Systems: Success Factors and Implementation Issues.” Journal of ...
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Diagnositic Aids for Practitioners Required readings: Flack and McGhee. “3 D Computer Visualisation and Animation in Clinical Care.” SIGGRAPH 2007. Web. http ...
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Global Health Information Technology Required readings: General China Note: Please read/skim some of the in text links also for more background information. The second ...
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HIPAA Readings Required Reading: McDaniel, Jeremy. “Developing an Information Security Program for HIPAA Compliance.” InfoSecCD 2009. ...
r4 - 2011-08-29 - 19:36 by JoshRaymond
Hypochondriasis: Dr. Google vs. the Local Practitioner Required readings: Gualtieri, Lisa Neal. “The Doctor as the Second Opinion and the Internet as the First ...
r2 - 2011-08-30 - 10:04 by JoshRaymond
Personal Health Care Records: How are they implemented? Required readings: Hoffman, Leah. "Implementing Electronic Medical Records." Communications of the ACM. 52 ...
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Mapping Trends in Health Care through HIT Required readings: Nerenberg, Joan. “HealthMap: The Crowdsourced Infectious Disease Tracker that was Built on Nights and ...
r2 - 2011-08-30 - 10:15 by JoshRaymond
Online Health Information Systems (OHIS) Required readings: Lohr, Sadeghi, and Winandy. “Securing the E Health Cloud.” IHI ’10, November 2010. Web. 10 March ...
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Online Health Communities Required readings: Chuang and Yang. “Helping you to help me: Exploring Supportive Interaction in Online Health Community.” ASIST 2010 ...
r2 - 2011-08-30 - 09:57 by JoshRaymond
Patient Compliance Technologies Required readings: Oliveira, Cherubini, and Oliver. “MoviPill: Improving Medication Compliance for Elders Using a Mobile Persuasive ...
r2 - 2011-08-30 - 09:46 by JoshRaymond
Safety Critical Systems Required readings: Nissenbaum, Helen. "Computing and Accountability."Communications of the ACM1st ser. 37 (1994): 73 80.Web. 3 Mar. 2011. ...
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Personal Health Care Records: What are they? Required readings: Hillestad, Bigelow, Bower, et. all. "Can Electronic Medical Record Systems Transform Health Care? ...
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