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How can I share code through GitHub?

You can make your own local working copy of a git repository as follows:
git clone<otherusername>/<reponame> <dirname>

If you want to continue working as a team and committing to the same repository, the repository owner will need to add you as a collaborator through the web site. Go to the repository, then Admin, then Collaborators, and add the collaborator's GitHub username.

If you want to continue working on the code separate from the person you got it from, you will need to remove the remote origin and then add a new repository of your own as the remote origin.
git remote rm origin
git remote add origin<yourusername>/<reponame>
git push origin master

Of course, you should only do this with the permission of the original repository's owner. Your git log will reflect the change in code authorship.

-- JanetDavis - 2012-09-17
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