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Incompatible Binaries

The problem:

You see an error message when you try to run, e.g., rails server or bundle exec autotest:
wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 - /home/davisjan/.gem/ruby/1.8/ruby/1.8/gems/sqlite3-1.3.6/
lib/sqlite3/ (LoadError)

The explanation:

Sadly, there are not elves living in your computer who are upset about getting dragged into CSC 325.

The key is the number in either ELFCLASS32 or ELFCLASS64. The MathLAN includes some machines that use 32-bit integers and pointers, and other machines that use 64-bit integers and pointers. Unfortunately, binary programs (including gems) that are compiled on one architecture won't work on the other.

To find out the architecture of a machine, type arch in the terminal. Here are some examples:
[4:38pm] davisjan@nelson (~): arch

[4:38pm] davisjan@church (~): arch

[4:38pm] davisjan@mccarthy (~): arch

Note that mccarthy has a different architecture than nelson or church. I started using rails on nelson, so when I ssh to mccarthy and try to run rails server or bundle exec autotest, I get the error above.

Short term solution:

If you see the above error, check the architecture of the machine you are working on using arch. Switch to a machine with the other architecture, either by physically moving or by using ssh.

Please add to this list of machines with particular architectures.
i686 architecture x86_64 architecture
  • church
  • nelson
  • ...
  • mccarthy
  • ...

Long term solution:

DavidCowden tells us that rvm should resolve these problems, by allowing you to easily maintain different versions of ruby and ruby gems for different architectures.

It was hard enough to get the current configuration working for everyone that I'm reluctant to jump with both feet into rvm. If anyone has some time to explore rvm on the MathLAN, please tell us about it here!

-- JanetDavis - 2012-09-11
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