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-- JeffLeep - 2011-09-21

To enable the Chili plugin, I logged in as the administrator user, then went to the configure page

There, I clicked on "Extensions", then "JQueryPlugin", then added "Chili" to the "{JQueryPlugin}{DefaultPlugins}" list.

The chili function will now be used automatically at all times.

So, when you include code that you wish to be syntax-highlighted, use the verbatim tag, specifying what type of code you are highlighting with the class parameter:

<verbatim class="bash">
# We have defined the variable WORKSTATIONS by running the following script
. /home/stone/utilities/squeeze/machine-categories

for workstation in $WORKSTATIONS
do ssh root@$workstation  'echo "if [ "$SSH_CONNECTION" = "" ]; then  /usr/bin/papercut & fi" >> /etc/profile'

There are a variety of options that you can put as the class for the verbatim tag:
cplusplus C++
csharp C#
css Cascading Style Sheets
bash shell syntax
delphi Delphi
html Hypertext Markup Language
java Java
js JavaScript
lotusscript LotusScript
php-f Hypertext Preprocessor -f
php Hypertext Preprocessor
sql Structured Query Language
tml Wiki Markup Language

I copied this table over from where you can go for more information on the Chili plugin
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