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-- KateIngersoll - 2011-07-18
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As we were writing our skew-x! and skew-y! procedures, we began having difficulty with the Inkscape transform procedures: our transformations didn't do what we expected, and we didn't know why. After testing these transforms more throughly, this is what we've found.
object-move! and selection-move! - work as specified in inkscript-documentation
object-move! and selection-move! - work as specified in inkscript-documentation.

object-rotate! and selection-rotate! - objects are rotated in two different ways. Objects have a center of rotation, given by the attributes inkscape:transform-center-x inkscape:transform-center-y. When these attributes aren't set (or are both set to zero) the default rotation pivot is the center of the object's bounding box. An object will rotate around the current center of its bounding box. This pivot stays constant while the object is rotating; after the object is done rotating, the center of the bounding box is (usually) in a different location, and the next rotation will be around this new point.

When the
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