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Difference: CSAndRobotsExco (r8 vs. r7)

Algorithms and Robots EXCO


Hello, and welcome to the home page for the "Algorithms & Robots" 2013 Spring EXCO, taught by Kate Ingersoll and June Hurley. In this course, we will learn the basics of the programming language Python by programming Scribbler robots (think simple robotic toy car, with sensors and a camera) to do a series of tasks. Each class will consist of a short lecture, followed by lab time in which you will work with a partner to tell a robot to move around the room, do a dance, take pictures, or create a drawing! Each class will build on what you’ve learned in past classes, and by the end of the class, you’ll be able to write your own, simple programs. No homework will be given, and no prior experience is necessary. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a little about CS or programming, but haven’t had the chance to, this is your class.

Meeting Times

Classes will be held Wednesday nights from 7-8 pm in Noyce 3815 (3rd floor), from February 13th to May 1st.

Labs and Class Notes

In this section, you will find links to the lecture notes and lab exercises for each class.





Course References

To connect to the robot:

1) Start in your exco directory. The myro folder should be within this directory. Type 'pwd' into the terminal to check the current directory.

2) type python into the terminal to open the python shell

4) make sure that your robot is on, and then type from myro import *

5) type init("/dev/rfcomm0")

See ExcoLab1 for more detailed instructions.

ExcoPythonReference - This page will be kept updated with the Python syntax and commands learned from each lab.

External References

This section contains reference material which will not be used or required for the course, but may be of interest to students interested in learning more about Python, programming, or the Scribbler robots. - A textbook and lab manual for learning computing with Scribbler robots using Python. This text is the basis of many of our class lectures and exercises, is very readable, and is highly recommended for those seeking to learn more. - An interactive Python tutorial, which allows you to type and edit Python commands online, & see instant output.

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