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Difference: StevenKurtz (r8 vs. r7)

Comments on Steven Kurtz: Public Art

Okay, I think this is the first convocation of the year that I stayed awake for. He's clearly funny and a good storyteller. -- SR

I'd have to say it was the best convocation of the year. Kurtz was able to keep interest by using stories and incorporating jokes. Some of the sculptures shown reminded me some what of home (okay, where home used to be in Northern Illinois) because they seemed quite random. (In Rockford, there are some sculptures and I am not quite sure why they are there...) Other than that, I don't really remember a whole lot to be honest. I am pretty sure every one stayed awake the whole time though!-- AC

From what I remember the convocation was very good. Kurtz was very funny but unfortunately I had an unfavorable seat on the floor in the back of the room and couldnt see much of the sculptures he put on the screen. Sorry Andrew but I did doze off for a while because I couldnt see anything so I was rather bored at times. But Kurtz was definitely the most interesting presenter so far. JC

I enjoyed the presentation despite my feelings toward the subject matter. He was a great storyteller. I didn't get the point of it, which might be because I missed the first part. -Peter

I enjoyed listening to Kurtz and it was easy to follow his speech. The images were very helpful, and he demonstrated confidence in his knowledge. Since I wasn't falling asleep this time, I feel extra confident in saying that this was one of the best convocations this year.

I was amuse by his story and his mission that he has done around the world. This convo has top the other convos that I have gone to. I was able to be awake for the first time, since a long time. The story that I like the most was the fake bomb that got them in a lot of trouble with the Canadians laws. -- ME

CONFLICT version 7:

Allthough I arrived late, I could tell that Mr. Kurtz is a funny guy with an interesting viewpoint. Of what I saw, I enjoyed the presentation. Mr. Kurtz has great presentation skills and somehow manages to involve the crowd with everything he does. His campaigns are wacky and hilarious. Overall, good convocation. I wish I had been there from the beginning so I could understand what he was saying in a deeper way. - SD

CONFLICT version new:

I believe this follows the "save the best for last" cliche. Hopefully I don't get sued for saying that. Anyway, this was definitely the best and most captivating convocation of the semester. I believe this is not particularly due to the content of the presentation, but to the style and humor. However, I was intrigued by the controversies surrounding public art and how the community and government react to it. These stories had a lot of relevance. I was also very interested in the projects his group took on and I give them a lot of credit, but I don't think he transitioned very well in his presentation, so I was kind of confused as to what the point of these projects were and how they really linked to the first part of his presentation. (What I got was they were trying to prove that "freedom of expression" does not actually exist?). Overall though, it was wonderfully entertaining. -MC

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