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Difference: NancyMcFarlandGaub (r9 vs. r8)

Comments on Nancy McFarland Gaub: Sacred Chaconne, Dance of a Devil

I will admit that I have not listened closely enough to violin music in the past. Hence, I was impressed at the polyphony that Prof. Gaub obtained from her instrument. For example, I enjoyed the way that Iago, for violin solo, had both a drone sound and an offsetting melody. The performance did remind me, once again, that I am not sufficiently literate in the realm of music; while I enjoyed the performance, I know that I would have enjoyed it more had I been able to understand the subtleties and complexities. -- SR



Going into Mrs. Gaub's performance I didn't know what to expect. I've never been to any kind of music performance like hers, but I was looking forward to experience something new . Even though I couldn't tell what song she was playing, I really enjoyed just sitting there and listening to every note. However, after about 20 minutes or so I started checking the time and just sitting there waiting for it to end. Not because Mrs. Gaub's wasn't playing well, but because it just wasn't the type of music i enjoy listening to.--AF

I found Professor Gaub's renditions of both song very well done. She played her instrument skillful and the music sounded beautifully almost like a lullaby asking you drift off in a peaceful slumber while hearing the music in the background of your dream. Well maybe that was just for me. This was by far my favorite convo my only complaint is that the pews in Herrick Chapel are ridiculously uncomfortable. I wish I understood music more but I still greatly appreciated her work. "The Sleeping Prince.......JC"

This "nonvo" started off well (although I did find Raghav's piece weird, it was good). The music was enjoyable for a while, but I eventually became bored with it. There just wasn't anything to do but listen, and it seemed I had some problems with paying attention. And, to me, violins seem screechy sometimes and I just don't like them... For a while I was thinking, "Will it ever end?" I would say it was one of the least enjoyable ones for me.--AC

This week’s "nonvo" was by far one of the most enjoyable for me. Professor Gaub managed to perfectly capture the dark undertones and mystery in the first piece of music, and both pieces were very well played overall. I can’t say that I have any experience in music other than a crash course in music theory. Listening at today’s convocation left me peaceful and relaxed, as the melody of the notes carried me beyond the chapel and into the recesses of my mind, allowing me to fully enjoy the music experience. Today was was a great experience –RC.

Ms. Gaub's performance was entertaining as well as soothing. I have listened to classical music before, and I've always thought that the violin, in the right hands, has the ability to grab your heart and control your emotions. Although I did not enjoy Ms. Gaub's original piece on the Devil, her recitaction of Bach's piece was simply astounding. The music was extremely soulful and soothing to the ears. Raghav's mini introduction (an excerpt from Othello) was apt and powerful. The setting itself was perfect - a lady playing the violin in a beautiful church - like something out of a movie. All in all, the nonvo was enjoyable and I hope there would be more convocations that incorporate performances rather than an hour long presentation/lecture. -SD

The performance was astonishing. Raghav set up the perform atmosphere for the performance. Every note Ms. Gaub perform sounded great. The highlight of the performances was when in the almost end of the second. She can really play the Dance of a Devil to it maxims. This convo has being the greatest out of all them so far, because I was able to keep my eyes close and I still understand what was going on with the performance. My roommate can plays this song and I was impress that they both sounded the same and it was so awesome.--ME

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