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Health Care and Computing

About This Course

This semester (Fall 2011) in CS Table, we will consider current topics in health care and computing. We will meet on Fridays at noon in JRC 224A (upstairs in the Marketplace).

Discussions will be student-led. Students who are registered for CSC-295-02 will collaborate in small groups of 2-3 to lead discussions (see below) on 2-3 topics over the course of the semester. Any interested student may participate in our discussions.

Janet Davis [davisjan] will serve as the instructor of record. Josh Raymond '12 [raymondw] selected the readings as part of a Spring 2011 guided reading and will serve as the teaching assistant.


Leading a Discussion

At the start of the semester, and again halfway through the semester, registered students will sign up in groups to lead discussions of particular papers on particular dates (see the Schedule above).

When you are leading a discussion, you should prepare as follows.

  • Be ready to act as an "expert-for-a-day" on the discussion topic.
  • Plan to give a brief overview of the social and technical issues (< 10 minutes).
  • Develop several open-ended questions to start a discussion with the group.

Thus to prepare for leading a discussion, you should take the following steps.

  • Read all recommended readings.
  • Dig a bit deeper to try to address any points where you are confused or have questions (factual or otherwise).
  • Meet with your partner(s) to sketch out your overview and brainstorm discussion questions.
  • Meet with the instructor and/or TA before the Friday you are presenting to get feedback on your plans. Email both of us to schedule your meeting.

Grading Policy

This is a one-credit course, graded as S/D/F only.

  • To earn an S, you must
    • satisfactorily contribute to leading at least two discussions,
    • meet with the instructor prior to leading discussions as described above, and
    • participate in all of the 12 class meetings that have a formal topic (or contact the instructor if you will be unable to participate).
  • You will earn a D if you fail to follow through on any of the above requirements.
  • You will earn an F if you fail to follow through on all of the above requirements.

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