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Difference: GlobalHIT (r3 vs. r2)

Global Health Information Technology

Required reading: readings:

Note: Please read/skim some of the in-text links also for more background information. The second link will take you directly to China's main page. The article has been heavily edited since choosing it last Spring -- we will provide some background information during CS Table to generate conversation.

Discussion questions:

  1. What can we learn from other nations and global trends?
  2. What are global-scale problems? Non-western practices? International policy issues? (NBR Article)
  3. Are China's challenges to implementing HIT parallel to those of the US?
  4. How can the UK's 'node' system be improved? What are its strengths?

Developing Nations

  1. What are some constraints for HIT in developing nations?
  2. What does HIT mean in the context of a developing nation? How would you develop an HIT system in Africa, for example?
  3. Is HIT important for developing nations, or are resources better invested elsewhere?

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